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Our Products - Lotto Fundraising

Get funding when you need it most

Bring in revenue at the start of the season, when your club needs it most.

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Grow. Automate. Raise.

Fundraising Features

Take out the hassle of knocking on doors and take your fundraising online with Clubforce lotto.

Reduce administrative workload with online financial reporting. Simply download the report and you’re ready – no more cash reconciliation processes!

Clubforce auto-renewal ticket payments allow supporters to opt-in for recurring lotto ticket draws, so they never miss the chance to play with your club.

Allow your supporters to purchase and track multiple lotto tickets in a single transaction. This multi-ticket system proactively increases your fundraising revenue.

Process online transactions with secure payment processing. Clubforce is powered by Stripe secure platform to ensure protected online payments.

Customise your new lotto platform with your club colours, banners, ticket information and more!


Go Online

Get your time back and fundraise from anywhere in the world. Gone are the days of missing physical equipment and hours spent organising fundraising events. Clubforce online lotto platform automates the process and brings in funding when you need it most.

Automated Fundraising

We all know how long it takes to call every member updating them about fundraising events, winners, receipts and more! It all takes time out of your busy day. Automate your fundraising processes and get back your hours in the day.

Streamline your fundraising with Clubforce lotto

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